On visiting our website, you agree to be bound by this privacy policy. However, if you do not agree with any of the terms of this policy then you should exit and stop accessing our website with immediate effect.

CALCUTTA SOUTH ROUND TABLE 17  is committed to safeguard and protect sensitive information received from visitors and users of this website and the policy measures regarding the same has been enumerated in here. This policy serves following two purposes:

  1. It enumerates and spreads awareness amongst the visitors and users of this website regarding kinds of information that we will be collecting and its usage i.e., how such information helps us to provide quality experience to you and;
  2. The Measures taken for secure collection, storage and process of personal data are only for the purpose of providing you with customized and efficient services and to enhance quality experience of this website.

We are continuously improving and upgrading our technologies to provide you best experience on our website without any compromise of the data protection laws and regulations in India. Thus this policy is subject to change without any notice and therefore you are required to review this policy periodically. However, all amendments and alterations of this policy shall take place in accordance with the prevalent data protection laws.

  1. Personally Identifiable Information

No personally identifiable information is obtained or stored without your consent. On filling up any forms on this website you give your explicit consent for collection and/ or storage of such data as per the requirement of smooth functioning of this website. Such data are used only to provide you a smooth, customized quality experience on our website.

We obtain personally identifiable information like email address, name, phone number, credit card / debit card / other payment instrument details, etc. only on voluntary submission of such data by registering yourself in order to obtain facilities and services of this website.

We will also be collecting and storing all personal correspondences, comments provided by you or by any third party on your activities or posts on our website.

  1. Unanimous Collective Data

Our system will be automatically receiving various unanimous collective data on your visit, even if you are not a registered user through cookies, google analytics etc. which are used to analyze visitor’s behaviors on our website. All such data are obtained unanimously, never compounded with any personal data obtained from a registered user and this collective aggregated unanimous data is used to analyze different behavioral patterns of the all visitors of the website including the registered users.

Examples of such data:

  1. The previous and next visited URL
  2. Computer browser information and IP address
  3. Behavior relating to transactions on this website
  4. Returns and duration of visit
  1. Use of data

All personal information that may be required for the following purposes can be obtained from visitors/ users and preserved as applicable under this policy:

  1. Resolve disputes;
  2. Troubleshoot problems;
  3. Collect money;
  4. Notify services and updates;
  5. Customize your experience;
  6. Detect and protect us against error, fraud and other criminal activity;
  7. Enforce our terms and conditions etc.

    4. Non- disclosure of Personal Information

User information on this site is kept strictly confidential. We do not disclose/ share personal information obtained to any third party unless such disclosure is required under the law of the land like court orders or other legal proceedings under due process of law.

Information submitted to us is only available to employees managing such information in order to process your requests, contacting you, or sending you e-mails related to your interest in our work and services.

  1. Third Party Websites

By visiting our website you voluntarily acknowledge that we shall not be responsible for any personally identifiable information obtained by any third party websites linked to our website, as we do not have any control over their website policies. However, we do not entertain any third party website links without having a defined privacy policy aligned and as strong as this policy.

  1. Refund of Donated Amount

Amounts donated cannot be conditional and will not be refunded once received. A donor cannot claim any control over the policy decisions of the organization.

  1. Unsubscribe

Being a registered user of our website, you have the option to unsubscribe in order to stop receiving non-essential (promotional, marketing-related) communications from us after setting up an account.

  1. Disclaimers

We shall endeavor to put up only such information only after verification from primary sources, or otherwise as being true to the best of our knowledge and belief. However, we shall not be responsible due to inaccuracy of information or data provided on this site. Any liabilities arising out of any act or omission by a visitor to this site, by relying on or using the information provided on this site, shall be solely to the account of such visitor.

We shall reasonably strive to ensure to send tax exemption certificates and feedback reports to the donors within reasonable time limits. However, the donor hereby acknowledges that the act of providing such certificates/ reports to our donors is an act of good gesture and cannot be construed as an obligation on our organization. Visitors also acknowledge that visiting this site is an implicit acceptance of this disclaimer on their part.

  1. Grievance Officer

In compliance with the Information Technology Act, 2000 grievance officer details are as follows:

Nikhiil Sethia

3A Rammohan Mullick Garden Lane
3rd Floor, Flat No. 10B Raikva, Kolkata – 700010

M/T:+91 33 22309146

Time: (Monday to Friday, 10 AM – 6PM, except for national/ declared holidays)