Smart “17”

A new chapter has unfolded in seventeen by trying to create “Smart 17” or in other words, extending the family of seventeen by forming a new table in Kolkata.

Contact Meet 1

Our extension conveners Tr. Vinit Jain and Tr. Manish Poddar with the help of our newly inducted Tabler Saurav Karnani moved around the city to find people, meet them one to one, take interviews and then finally select seventeen prospects from a list of around twenty five people to bring to the notice of the floor and conduct the first contact meeting. Our conveners started from Tinsukia, extended it to Jorhat and flew back home to Kolkata with flying colors raising the Seventeen Flag with pride and honor!

The event took place at Conclave Club. Tr. Vinit Jain kick started the event with the presentation of RTI and the benefits of joining RTI.

Contact Meet 2a

It was an honor for our table to welcome Area Chairman Tr. Harmeet Singh Sethi and past national LAPD convener Brijesh Dalmia as the chief guests. Tr. Harmeet briefed the prospects upon the functions, responsibilities, time management and expenses while past national LAPD convener Brijesh gave inspirational and motivational thoughts and shared his experience of RTI during his tenure and briefed them the uncountable benefits he got and still is enjoying being associated with RTI. This reminded me of my first contact meeting when I was invited by seventeen at Saturday Club and was inspired by HT Nirmal Agarwal.

Contact Meet 3a

The meeting was followed by dinner, introducing and getting to know personally all the new prospects and fellowship.

The second meeting was hosted by HT Bipin Bajaj and we had the pleasure of SL Nirmal Agarwal to be the chief speaker. The concept developed by SL Nirmal made the prospects play games in order to develop leadership and unity in working together.

The third meeting was an ice breaker by inviting the prospects with the better halves. The meeting was conducted by National LAPD convener Tr. Sandeep Harbhajanka at Myx. It was an informal meet with the prospects and the seventeen family playing different games, dancing & enjoying.

Contact Meet 3b

Three contact meetings with three different themes and agenda giving the prospects a noticeable feeling about RTI. I am sure that the enormous efforts put in by our conveners will soon result in addition to one more number in the RTI directory.

Report prepared by:

LMF Samir Changoiwala, CSRT 17
Table Talk Editor 2015-16
Twinklers Convenor 2015-16