‘46’ – The number game

In numerology, they say numbers play an important role in your life. Your date of birth, timing of birth and the date and time you take important decisions in life. For some 1 & 11 are considered lucky, while some believe number 13 is considered unlucky. When the number ‘69’ arises, all get excited. How about ‘46’; the number of our AGM?

Number ‘46’ denotes the crown above the head in ancient Chaldean numerology scriptures, which means a person who possess smartness, intelligence and intellect will possess the crown, and this number signifies all three qualities.

Number ‘46’ in numerology destiny is a number which is known to give the ultimate in success in any business or work one undertakes. This number has the potential to elevate the most ordinary person to unimaginable heights.

Our 46th AGM together with 33rd AGM of our Ladies Circle 27 started in grand style with Tr. Gitesh & Cr. Nidhi welcoming all the dignitaries, presenting all the tabler’s and circler’s and facilitating the conveners who have gone out of the way to achieve the dream of ‘Bond, Build, Believe and Sparkle’. Tr. Avinsah & Cr. Nitika took the game to a new direction with their awesome presentation of all the hard work taken place in the year gone by. The applauds received left the duo humble and speechless. Our sergeants Tr. Samir Agarwal, Tr. Saurav, Cr. Shipra & Cr. Ridhima changed the direction of the game to leave everyone nervous and breathless. A marathon of events took place to bid farewell to our outgoing Chairman Tr. Gitesh and Chairperson Cr. Nidhi.

The stage was set clear to welcome our new Chairman Tr. Kunal and Chairperson Cr. Reetika. They started with their themes and welcomed all the new conveners.

We all were stunned and humbled with the speech of National Chairperson Ladies Circle India, Cr. Masuma Vagh. Her praises for Cr. Nidhi left everybody high and feel proud. While National Vice President elect Tr. Christopher gave a ‘Googly’ by summarizing the entire flow in 20 minutes and crediting the entire table and circle. A gem of a person to have in the tabling fraternity!

Yes, an Epic should and will be created as per the motto of this year’s theme as proposed. The number also suggests that all work done will surpass all heights and new scales of measurements will be achieved.

Wishing all to scale unimaginable heights in all your spheres of life!

Report prepared by:

LMF Samir Changoiwala, CSRT 17
Table Talk Editor 2016-17
Fellowship Convener 2016-17

Treasurer 2016-17