The Winds of Change – ‘The Fit Gen’

Have we changed?

  • From late nights to early mornings
  • From fast food to healthy food
  • From aerated drinks to healthy juices
  • From medicine to natural remedies
  • From Fat to thin
  • From being lazy to being energetic
  • From a ‘just’ fellowship to an ‘adventurous’ fellowship
  • From ‘just’ a fund raiser to a ‘meaningful’ fund raiser
  • From ‘just’ building a school to building a school with a ‘difference’

That’s been the buzz year around and not even talk of the town but talk of the entire Nation as a whole. The Air Tel Run for Education has shown us a new path in creating awareness and getting people from Kolkata to start and take fitness on a serious note, making it a hobby and changing their lives.

Since joining tabling and the history from the past, there has been a promising and positive change in the tabling scenario, especially with seventeen. Our table has started giving emphasis on fitness and different sports activities. Many Seventeener’s and past Seventeener’s with their spouses and children have taken up running, cycling and various sports activities, making their own small groups of similar interests and bringing in a new trend of fellowship and thereby creating bundles of joy and happiness.

Jointly the Table & Circle has organized the following sports activities in which a large number of people have participated and always look forward for the next event. All these events have been fund raisers and the profits made from these events have all been utilized for social development work. We as a team landed up doing fellowships for all runs organized in the city and all sports tournaments organized by RTI.

Here is a list of events which CSRT 17 & CCLC 27 has organized:

  1. Marathon – Proposed in 2014 by current National Marathon convener Tr. Kunal Khilani and started under the chairmanship of Tr. Manish Poddar, the event is a mega hit with the number of participants increasing year by year; touching 7000 on 27th November 2016.
  2. Kiddathon – Started in 2015, this event is organized by our Circle encouraging the children to run for a cause. We had around 1200 children running this year including most of our children on 4th December 2016.
  3. Pinkathon – Inaugurated on 26th March 2017, we are supporting this event which is organized by Milind Soman. The event is for women only and we had around 10 Circlers running in this event. The event witnessed a huge number of participants; 4000 plus. The brand image of Milind has been used to come up with this event and the proceeds are all being used for social development.

Here is a list of events which CSRT 17 & CCLC 27 has participated:

  1. D3 Cricket Cup by RT 53
  2. Oye the Volley by RT 113
  3. Jaffa Cricket & Sports Carnival
  4. ‘BRC Run’ –
  5. ‘CSC Run’ –
  6. Pedal for Education by RT 67
  7. Midnight Cyclathon – Tour De Kolkata organized by RT 106
  8. Round Table Badminton League by RT 63
  9. Quick Cricket by RT 4
  10. Marathon TSK25
  11. IDBI Federal Run
  12. Kolkata Trail Run
  13. Air Tel Pre runs organized by Adidas

So many events, which are all, having one motto to be fit. Apart from being fit, the awesome fellowships that happen in between is a bonus.

The whole thinking and mind set has changed with the fitness trend taking place. A late night fellowship turning into an early morning fellowship! This means drinking fellowship turning into a cycling fellowship; and so on.

Report prepared by:

LMF Kunal Khilani, CSRT 17, Chairman

LMF Avinash Karnani, CSRT 17, Sports Convener

LMF Samir Changoiwala, CSRT 17, Table Talk Convener 2016-17