Satron Ke Sitaarein – Edition XVI

RUN for Education- From the START to the FINISH:

After completion of the Area IV AGM, the idea of doing a Marathon for a fund raiser was circulated in my table and the circle. Everybody instantly lapped onto the idea and it virally┬áspread to other tables in Kolkata – it was almost like a EUREKA moment for us and all were feeling the electricity within them. None of us could have ever imagined the scale and complexity of the project we had chosen to undertake or amount of appreciation and respect we would garner from the society at large.

The hosts were CSRT 17 & 227. The Table Chairman and the Fund Raising Conveners had a daunting task of managing everything and putting things in the right place for this mammoth event. With none of us being in the sports, organizing or hospitality industry, it was more difficult to coordinate and tighten up all the loose ends.

The Table chairman and FRCS of both the tables worked day and night tirelessly. In fact, Tr. Kunal’s office was taken by the Marathon team and was converted into a make shift ‘Marathon Office’. From the start we got active enthusiasm from the sponsors, which only encouraged our dream to make this event BIGGER and BETTER. Sponsorship was garnered in cash and kind from several National companies. In fact, PUMA which had planned a RUN one-week post our event, cancelled their own event and joined hands with us. This is where we realized the POWER of ROUND TABLE And LADIES CIRCLE.

Things started falling in place as venue was finalized and permissions were granted, by the local authorities. Another big coup for us was getting USHA UTHUP and her group to perform for our event day. She also sang the jingle that was used for radio publicity. A Huge publicity drive was initiated to generate registrations for the event- from newspaper adverts to hoardings to facebook campaign to corporate pitches.