Satron Ke Sitaarein – Edition XXXX

That’s been the buzz year around and not even talk of the town but talk of the entire Nation as a whole. The Air Tel Run for Education has shown us a new path in creating awareness and getting people from Kolkata to start and take fitness on a serious note, making it a hobby and changing their lives.
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Satron Ke Sitaarein – Edition XXXIII

‘46’ – The number game

In numerology, they say numbers play an important role in your life. Your date of birth, timing of birth and the date and time you take important decisions in life. For some 1 & 11 are considered lucky, while some believe number 13 is considered unlucky. When the number ‘69’ arises, […]

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Satron Ke Sitaarein – Edition XXXII

Smart “17”
A new chapter has unfolded in seventeen by trying to create “Smart 17” or in other words, extending the family of seventeen by forming a new table in Kolkata.

Our extension conveners Tr. Vinit Jain and Tr. Manish Poddar with the help of our newly inducted Tabler Saurav Karnani moved around the city to find […]

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The Powerhouse of 17 – Project Lighthouse

Satron Ke Sitaarein – Edition XV

Friends, let’s recapitulate our Physics Lessons learned in high school.

What is a Lighthouse?
A lighthouse is a tower, building, or other type of structure designed to emit light from a system of lamps and lenses and used as a navigational aid for maritime pilots at sea or on inland waterways and […]

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Shine like a Diamond

Satron Ke Sitaarein – Edition XIII

“In the race for improvement and improvisation, there are no leaders, but only front runners! Through the medium of Round Table India, I will try my level best to improve and improvise the lives of the weaker sections of our society and ourselves.

“A fabulous way to start the new tabling […]

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Bhaag India Bhaag

Satron Ke Sitaarein – Edition XVI

RUN for Education- From the START to the FINISH:

After completion of the Area IV AGM, the idea of doing a Marathon for a fund raiser was circulated in my table and the circle. Everybody instantly lapped onto the idea and it virally spread to other tables in Kolkata – it was […]

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